Published September 25, 1950 in Black & White, Trains

On September 25, 1950, WWII had been over for just about five years and Detroit was coming into the industrial boom that would make it the automotive capital of the world. Wabash #2815, a class M1, 4-8-2, Mountain type was built in 1930 but it still capable of pulling a fast freight on the Wabash’s Detroit to St. Louis mainline. As seen here, 2815 is passing the Whittaker, Michigan station, just about to cross Whittaker Road. Sadly, 2815 was near the end of her life. Most of the M1s were scrapped in 1953 and none survived past 1955.

Today, the garage at the left remains but the Whittaker station is long gone and the ornate crossing light has been replaced with a more modern unit.

Photograph was taken by Ann Arbor photographer J. Rogers with a 3¼x4¼ Graphic press camera. The lens would have been about 110mm. The film is Kodak and I suspect it was Super-Panchro Press.

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