Arthur K. Anderson Unloads at Wyandotte, Michigan

Published November 19, 2007 in Night Photography


During the early part of the 20th century, many towns built their own generating stations to bring electricity to their residents. In the intervening years, most of these local stations were sold to the big utilities and most of those were shut down and razed – replaced by modern mega-generating stations. Wyandotte is an exception – they retain their municipally owned generating station. In this cellphone photograph, the lake collier Arthur K. Anderson unloads coal at the Wyandotte power station for use during the upcoming winter.

To get to where she is, the Anderson had to go more than two miles downstream, through a swing-bridge and a drawbridge to use the Detroit Edison turning basin at Trenton then come back upstream through the same two bridges before finally being able to pull up to the coal dock with her bow into the current.

Taken with my Samsung cellphone by available light with the phone braced against the chain-link fence.

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